Air Jet Reeds

Air-jet looms have played a vital role in the success and the future of weaving technology.

Air-jet looms, with the high-speed production technology, provide high-quality fabrics by throwing weft yarn through warp yarns over the reed, using air-jet (air pressure system). Therefore, manufacturing Air-jet Reeds is an important process.

As Celik Dis (SDR), we manufacture air-jet reeds carefully and precisely with our High-Tech machines, using the best quality of hardened stainless steel dents, to satisfy our customers need with any desired features.

Celik Dis (SDR) uses the correct raw materials and the latest technology to manufacture qualified air-jet reeds. We offer a wide variety of weaving reeds collection for Tsudokoma, Toyota, Picanol, Itema, Dornier, Somet, Sulzer and all other air-jet looms.

With this variety and the best quality of production, our company provide the most accurate services to our valued customers. By using special measurement and quality control devices, Celik Dis (SDR) guarantees the highest performance of air flow and the best channel smoothness of Air-jet Reeds.

Air-jet Reed Features:

  1. Dents’ Sensitive design.
  2. Top quality of raw materials  (INOX AISI 301 or INOX AISI 420)  
  3. Abrasion-resistant, smooth and polished dent surfaces
  4. Optional DLC or ceramic coating.
  5. Reed height as desired: (122 mm – 116 mm – 111,5 mm – 100 mm manufactured according to brand and model)
  6. Conical dent length: (25 mm – 40 mm – 60 mm – 70 mm depends on customers’ wishes and Air-jet Reed intended use)
  7. Air-jet channel height: (51 mm – 54 mm – 56 mm – 57 mm according to brand and model)
Picanol-SDR 101
Picanol-SDR 102
Picanol-SDR 103
Picanol-SDR 104
Itema Somet Sulzer-SDR 201
Itema Somet Sulzer-SDR 202
Itema Somet Sulzer-SDR 203
Dornier-SDR 301
Dornier-SDR 302
Tsudokuma Toyota-SDR 401
Tsudokuma Toyota-SDR 402
Tsudokuma Toyota-SDR 403


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